Why Choose Us?

Team spirit

At Xi4G, we believe in successful cooperation. Everyone’s treated equally and team work is absolutely important for us. Wrocław is our favorite city and our office is located in the very center of the city.


It’s crucial for us to work together. Everyone has a chance to share their ideas at our regular meetings and that’s what it’s all about - expressing our ideas and moulding them until we come up with the right solution.

Join us!

We are a team of enthusiastic, creative and energetic people. We’re working hard to deliver great entertainment to all our players and create wonderful new worlds! Let’s work together to make great games!
  • We’re hiring! We’re looking for ambitious and creative graphic designers who would like to join our team in expanding our mobile games and creating stunning Hidden Object games.
  • Experience with creating Hidden Object Games
  • Good Photoshop knowledge and familiarity with other similar programs, such PaintShop Pro, CorelDraw
  • Interest in mobile games
  • Creativity and good interpersonal skills
  • We’re hiring! We’re looking for experienced 3D Designers who will create amazing special effects in our games! Let’s work together to create absolutely stunning effects to amaze our players with the richness of the worlds we’re creating!
  • At least basic knowledge of Unity engine
  • Knowledge of 3D Design
  • Interest in mobile games
  • Knowledge in accurate 3D programming
  • Creativity and good interpersonal skills
  • We’re hiring! We’re looking for Junior Unity Developers who are interested in making games and who are happy to gain invaluable knowledge in coding and making games in Unity!
  • At least basic knowledge of Unity engine
  • Knowledge of coding languages, such as C ++, C#, JavaScript
  • Good coding practices
  • Interest in mobile games
  • Good problem-solving abilities


  • Excellent working atmosphere
  • Great integration parties!
  • Remuneration adequate to your expectations
  • Many opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience
  • A variety of interesting projects to work on.

Let’s work together!