Delve into the fantastic world of Mr Applebaum and join Lucy in her adventure!

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Games are what we absolutely love! Xi4G boasts a number of imaginative, story-driven Hidden Object games with unique characters and amazing adventures. Discover their stunning graphics, interactive scenes and fascinating stores!

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Discover the mysteries and join an exciting adventure into the unknown… Join Lucy in her journey through the dark corners of an abandoned land that lives its own life. Every corner has a secret. Lucy is on the way to explore the fantastic world of Mr Applebaum and his machines. Uncover the magical stories of House Secrets.


Fantasy world and hours of sheer fun for many players await you! Our Board Game has been in development for a long time now, and we’re happy to announce that we’re soon launching a Kickstarter campaign to collect funds for an official release of the game! Drawing on the popular mobile game, “House Secrets: The Beginning”, we’re expanding the universe of the game and presenting new adventures and mysteries.

Cooking Travelers

It’s time for a cooking adventure of your lives! Travel to sunny Italy and explore the swirling world of cool recipes, delicious pastas, enticing smells and colorful ingredients! Cooking Travelers is an engaging Hidden Object game with vibrant scenes, amazing adventures of our main characters and, above all, lush cooking scenes in radiant Italian settings that you can freely enjoy!

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Cooking Travelers: Board Game

What do you say for some family cooking time?

New cooking adventures await you in our exciting board game! Do you like cooking and exploring new recipes? This game is for you! Become the next cooking master in our Italian adventure and explore the endless world of recipes!


Welcome, brave Knight! Are you ready for dangerous and exciting adventures in distant lands and kingdoms? MyCastle awaits you! Build your own Castle and defend it from evil invaders! Face challenging Match 3 games and prepare for the final Battle for your land!

MyCastle is a breathtaking trip into the world of castles and wonderful Match-3 games.


A project developed together with Prime Bit S.A. based on a legendary Polish computer game published in the 90's. The new, polished version will not only contain exciting new gameplay elements, a wondrous magical world and inspiring stories, but also satisfy the fans of the original!
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